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Maximizing Your Health with a Customized Wellness Plan


  • Fill your meals with nutrient-dense foods.

  • Meal planning, meal prepping, and healthy cooking methods.

  • Adequate water intake.

  • Find the ideal diet for you and design a healthy, practical, and sustainable diet.

Exercise, movements, structures

  • Matching the exercises/movements that you enjoy with the ones that help improve body function.

  • Take into consideration your overall health (adrenal function, thyroid function, stamina, etc.).

  • Build healthy habits.

  • Referral to chiropractors or physical therapists for structural issues and physical therapy.


  • Sleep hygiene.

  • Optimize endocrine and digestive function to improve sleep.

Mental Emotional Health

  • Understand stress.

    • What exactly is your stress? How does it affect you?

    • Healthy and sustainable ways to relieve stress.

  • Joy and happiness

    • Have fun and bring joy into your life.

    • Hobbies, nature, social connections, personal development.

  • Awareness and mindfulness practices.


  • Re-establish the connection between your mind and body.

  • Nurture your soul and body.

  • Self-compassion and self-care skills.


  • A healthy routine yields healthy endocrine & nervous systems.


  • Nutritional and herbal supplements to support your body's natural healing mechanism.


  • Live a low-toxin life.

  • Identify sources of environmental toxins.

  • How to avoid or minimize the exposures.

  • Optimize the body’s detoxification functions by supporting the emunctories (organs responsible for the elimination of waste products and toxins).


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