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Standard Consultation

First Consultation - Get to Know You & Investigate

  • An in-depth discussion of your health concerns and health history; including diet, lifestyle, social history, environmental toxin exposure, and mind-body balance.

  • At the end of the visit, you'll receive:

    • A list of blood tests to be done at a local lab, to assess:

      • Immune function, metabolic function, digestive function, endocrine function (thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones), cardiovascular function, nutritional status, etc.

      • Depending on your case, more comprehensive blood tests or functional tests might be included to assess:

        • Acute and chronic food/environmental allergy, autoimmunity.

        • Chronic viral/bacterial/fungal infections.

        • Environmental toxin exposures (heavy metals, environmental hormones, pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins).

    • An initial wellness plan. (Test results are needed for complete and detailed assessments and plans.)

Follow-up consultations - Analyze, support & care

  • A comprehensive analysis of the test results.

  • A detailed explanation of how these health problems manifest and evolve. Help you put together the puzzles and get a clear view of your overall health.

  • A personalized wellness plan to give what your body needs and support the healing process. Wellness plans will include the following and more:

    • Dietary consultation and modification.

    • Nutritional and herbal supplement recommendation.

    • Lifestyle consultation on:

      • Exercise and sleep.

      • Work-life balance, stress management, and mind-body techniques.

      • How to minimize environmental toxins exposure and optimize the body's detoxification function.

  • Blood tests will be repeated every few months to assess the progress, and wellness plans will be modified along the way.

  • The goal is to establish a lifestyle that better aligns with you and a better way to take care of yourself, so to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Not sure if this is a good fit for you? Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation with me.

Services Not Offered

I will be working as your online health/wellness consultant and not your doctor so there are a few things that I won't be able to do for you.

  • Making medical diagnosis.

  • Giving pharmaceuticals/medications.

  • Physical examinations and imaging tests.

  • Acute care including medical emergencies.

  • Insurance coverage/reimbursement.

  • Please see a local medical doctor if you need any of the above.


** For certain conditions (like autoimmune diseases), I will need you to have a primary care doctor or a specialist doctor on board to offer you medical assessments, diagnosis, and medications, in order for us to continue with our consultation. **

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