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The Fire Theory of Health

In this theory, we have our three main characters – smoke, fire, and the origins of fire.


Smoke represents various symptoms we experience with our bodies and minds.

Symptoms serve as warnings and alarms, a way our bodies tell us there’s something wrong with our systems or organs.

Just like we often notice smoke before seeing the fire, we often notice symptoms before noticing our health problems.

By being sensitive and aware to these early signs and interpreting them as messages from our body, we can often detect organ and system dysfunctions and dysregulations before they develop into diseases.


Fire can be functional issues like dysfunctions and dysregulations, or a disease and a syndrome. (or a combination of both)

When we visit a doctor or a healthcare professional, he or she will analyze our symptoms and come up with a list of possible conditions (fire). Confirm the conditions with methods like physical examinations, blood tests, functional tests, and imaging tests.

Fire can be a commonly heard diagnosis like diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, and autoimmune diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

Fire can also be a functional problem (which is not a disease) identified through functional medicine tests, such as adrenal fatigue, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), neuroinflammation, poor methylation, and histamine intolerance.

Origins of fire (or causes of fire)

The origins of fire are the fundamental and ultimate root causes of health issues.

For example, J developed respiratory allergies after moving to a new apartment which has visible mold growth on the walls. Besides allergies, he also noticed he's getting more and more anxioius lately. Upon investigation, the root cause of his allergies is mycotoxins (toxins from mold), which disrupt his gut microbiome (dysbiosis), affect his immune function, and result in allergies. Mycotoxins also affected his nervous system and caused him to have anxiety.

In J's case, allergies and dysbiosis are the fire, which creates smoke like anxiety and allergic symptoms. While mycotoxins are the cause of fire.

But not everyone with the same conditions has the same set of root causes.

Y also has respiratory allergies. But it started when she was a child. As a child, she often had colds and flu, and taking antibiotics was something very normal to her. Besides allergies, she also has chronic digestive symptoms like bloating and constipation. Upon investigation, Y has chronic cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections and candida overgrowth in her intestines. She also has severe food allergies to several foods.

So in Y's case, the root causes of her problems are chronic infections (CMV infection & candida overgrowth), which affect her immune function and cause food allergies and respiratory allergies. While food allergies can also trigger respiratory allergies.

As you can see, everyone is unique and has different root causes for their health problems. To help support the body with a more sustainable, long-lasting, and holistic way, we have to address the symptoms (smoke), conditions (fire), and root causes (origins of fire), without neglecting any of them.

The process of exploring the origins of fire is like a detective finding the culprit, and also like peeling an onion layer by layer and step by step, which can be a long process but interesting.

In my experience, the origins of fire of most diseases and health problems revolve around:

  • Chronic infections: chronic viral, bacterial, fungal (yeast, candida, mold), or parasitic infections, which can be in our sinuses, urinary tract, respiratory tract, vaginal tract, or digestive tract.

  • Environmental toxins: heavy metals, environmental hormones, pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins.

  • Diet: what we eat, how we prepare food, and our relationship with food.

  • Lifestyle: the nature of our job, how we work, our working and living environment, and how we live - our routines, exercise, sleep, hobbies, social life, etc.

  • Psychological stress and trauma.

A long-lasting solution

Only when we take care of the root causes of a health problem can we minimize the relapse of symptoms or conditions, allow the body to heal from the inside out, and maintain the results.


So, do you see any smoke peeking out? Are you aware of any fire going on in your body? Have you investigated the origins of fire, and are those the ultimate root causes?


  • This theory is based more on chronic health conditions rather than acute conditions.

  • This is just a simple theory aimed at helping you understand the relationship between symptoms, conditions, and underlying root causes. The actual investigation work can be much more complex, and we might not be able to discover all the root causes at once. Sometimes, we might think we've found the origins, but only later do we realize there is something else underneath it.

  • Stay aware and curious, and you'll know what your microenvironment needs in order to flourish.


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