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Unlock Your Self-Care with Naturopathic Consulting and Coaching

Consultation and coaching sessions complement each other. You need the consultation sessions to know where the problems are and what are the available solutions. In the past, when I only offered consultations for clients, I often received feedback like:

  • I often get busy and then forget to take my supplements until it has passed the appropriate time...

  • I know I need to avoid my food allergens and maintain a balanced diet, but there are so many things to keep track of that I don't know where to start.

  • When I get busy, I forget the relaxation tips you taught me and here I am feeling stressed out and burnout again.

So, I started incorporating and integrating coaching sessions to better help my clients execute their wellness plans. By combining consultation and coaching sessions, my clients were able to develop strategies to implement the dietary recommendations and personalize them to cater to their own lifestyles. In addition, they could better acquire and use the knowledge given during the consultation.

For example, one of my clients used to struggle with his diet. We only saw small improvements in his health because it was hard for him to stay on a healthy, balanced diet. Two months into starting coaching sessions with him, he could easily identify pro-inflammatory and high-histamine foods, and developed strategies that allowed him to still eat out with his friends yet not overconsuming prohibited foods and trigger his symptoms. Since then, we have seen promising progress with his health.

Having a self-care system and a toolbox filled with everyday tools like stress relieving tips, nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, and flower essence is like having a trusted friend accompanying you at all times. When you encounter difficulties or face challenges, they are always there to support you and help you gain strength.

When we have the ability and resilience to overcome obstacles and grow, we feel empowered and have more self-efficacy in creating a better life and living a more fulfilled life.


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