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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be my doctor?

Due to the nature of virtual consulting, I will be working as your online health consultant rather than your doctor.

Please consult your local doctor before making changes to your current health regimen.

If you need acute care or any of the following, please visit a local doctor.

  • Making medical diagnosis.​

  • Perform physical exams and order imaging tests.

  • Prescribe medications.

Are you taking clients residing in the US?

​Yes, but only clients who reside in Washington state.

How are consultations conducted?

Consultations are held on Zoom. Upon scheduling, you'll receive a link to our Zoom meeting. ​


How long do consultations last and what are the costs?

First consultation (initial assessment)

  • 75-90 minutes, USD 300


Second consultation (analysis of blood tests & discussion of wellness plan)

  • 60 minutes, USD 200


Follow-up consultations​ (third consultation onwards)

  • 60 minutes USD 200

  • 20-30 minutes USD 100

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss your needs and ensure the consultation is the right fit for you.

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