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Holistic Wellness Consultation

  • Consultations are conducted virtually via Zoom.

  • Now accepting international clients.

What is the consultation about:

  • It’s about discovering the underlying reasons of you feeling unwell, be it physical or mental emotional.

  • It’s a process of helping you have better understanding of your own physical and mental emotional body, and see how your mind and body work with and affect each other.

  • The purpose is to equip you with enough understanding and awareness of your overall health, so you’re capable of taking care of yourself and initiate your body’s own healing process.

  • The ultimate goal is help you achieve optimal health.

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What the consultation offers:

  • An in-depth discussion about your health problems/concerns, diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures.

  • Investigate the underlying root causes of your health issues with evidence-based science and mind body spirit approach.

  • A personalized protocol to help initiate your body’s own healing mechanism, which can include any of the following:

    • Dietary consultation and modification.

    • Lifestyle consultation on: exercise, sleep, work-life balance, mind body techniques, stress management, and how to minimize exposure to environmental toxins.

    • Supplementation: nutritional and herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, flower essence, UNDA numbers, etc.

    • Mind Body Consultation.​

What the consultation does NOT offer:

  • Medical diagnosis.

  • Pharmaceuticals/medications.

  • Physical examinations and imaging.

  • Acute care/ medical emergency care.

  • Insurance coverage/reimbursement.

  • You will need to see a local doctor if you need any of the above.

  • **For certain cases, you’ll need to have a primary care doctor or a specialist on board to offer you necessary medical assessments and treatments in order for us to continue with our consultation.**

For more details regarding the consultation, please contact me.

Free 15-Minute Consultation

  • If you have questions regarding the consultation, or if you’d like to know if this a good fit for you, you’re welcomed to schedule for a free 15-minute virtual consultation.

  • The purpose of this consultation is to give you a clear picture of what the consultation is about so you know what to expect while working with me.

  • ** There won’t be any advice given during this free consultation.**

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This is about our DNA, the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, and the environment/house we live in.


This is about our thoughts, emotions, past experiences and traumas.

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This is about our belief system, purpose of life and our connection with ourselves and the world. This also involves everything in the physical and mental emotional plane.

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